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D20 Sino-German Digital Leadership Forum 2017

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D20 Forum

The Silicon Dragon is coming to Germany

Get exclusive insights from leading Chinese digital business leaders – and learn how Chinese Tech companies will affect your business

China has become the largest and fastest growing digital market worldwide. Due to the leapfrogging phenomenon and the rise of powerful digital ecosystems, China is on its way to become the new global digital leader next to Silicon Valley. Today, tech and business experts worldwide predict that the ‘Silicon Dragon’ is on its way to become the global leading digital innovation center!

One immersive day with all you need to know about the upcoming power of the Silicon Dragon! The D20 Forum will help to understand Chinese digital economy success factors, what Western companies should learn from it and how they can benefit from it. Get exclusive insights into latest digital trends from most influential Chinese digital business leaders like Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu. And see how German companies find the right answers to fly with the Dragon.

The Silicon Dragon

China is outpacing US and Europe by far: 750 million internet users with an unmatched dynamic in mobile penetration and ecommerce make the digital landscape in China more than twice as big as in the US. For instance, with half a trillion USD in yearly Gross Merchandise Value, internet giant Alibaba has become the world`s largest ecommerce player – twice as big as ebay and Amazon together. In online payments, Alipay has become the world`s leading platform with more than 600 Billion USD in 2016 – after only 12 years in business. With joining the D20 you will get a deep dive into Chinese digital economy success factors such as the leapfrogging phenomenon or powerful digital ecosystems and learn how Chinese Tech companies will affect your own business.

Take away learnings and extend your network

Learn how the unique developments in China will affect your own business and meet influential digital business minds. The D20 Forum will provide an exchange platform to foster strong future partnerships between digital leaders in China and Europe. During the day you will have unique opportunities to network with German and Chinese digital companies. D20 is one immersive day with all you need to know about the upcoming power of the Silicon Dragon and how this affect the digital businesses in Europe! The event will be organized by Accenture GmbH and dgroup, part of Accenture Consulting. It will be hosted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and works under the patronage of Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the government of the State of Schleswig-Holstein.


Monday, July 10th 2017

18:00 | Welcome Reception @ Hamburg City Hall

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Minister of Culture of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, will welcome participants and our Chinese delegation for an exclusive reception at the Hamburg City Hall followed by dinner.

Tuesday, July 11th 2017

D20 Sino-German Digital Leadership Forum @ Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

One immersive day with all you need to know about the upcoming power of the Silicon Dragon! The D20 Forum will help to understand Chinese digital economy success factors, what Western companies should learn from it and how they can benefit from it. Get exclusive insights into latest digital trends from most influential Chinese digital business leaders and see how German companies find the right answers to fly with the Dragon.

09:00 – 09:20 | WELCOME NOTES

Welcome notes by Tobias BERGMANN (President Hamburg Chamber of Commerce), Linfeng LUO (Deputy District Mayor of Xiaoshan) and Olaf ROTAX (Managing Director dgroup/Accenture). Moderation: Martina Fuchs (CNNMoney Switzerland Anchor).


9:20 | Silicon Dragon is changing the world (Yuri VAN GEEST, Founder of Singularity University the Netherlands)

Yuri van Geest started the day with an inspiring keynote about “China’s Increasing Power In Digital”. He highlighted the success of exponentially evolving like artificial intelligence, robotics or nanotechnologies etc. – and emphasized the “Made-In-China” effect.

“The exponential development of technologies, as we are experiencing it in China, is a new phenomenon. We have to be able to appreciate this phenomenon and to establish it into our organizations – before it is too late”, Yuri van Geest warned the audience, comparing the “too late” with a tsunami.

China exhibits innovative ecosystems. Services like Tencent’s WeChat are fueled by companies which are working together, living by a pragmatic approach and experiencing a demographic boom. “Reality is a permanent museum”, Yuri van Geest warned the audience against the innovation tsunami.

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9:50 | The State of Digital in China (Calvin CHAN, COO AdMaster)

Chan showcased how mobile helps Chinese companies to improve their business. China entirely leapfrogged the desktop computer with a mobile penetration rate of 95 percent by now and a tendency to mobile only. “Mobile, the ecosystem of Tencent’s WeChat for example, provides access to real business. It unites services of social media, e-commerce, mobility and payment. Users are able to purchase tickets, order food and schedule an appointment at their doctor.”

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10:10 | What does real digitalization mean? - Alibaba Cloud´s success stories (Yeming WANG, General Manager at Alibaba Cloud Europe)

Alibaba’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. With its ambitious goals, they want to reach 2 billion consumers and create 100 million jobs by 2036. Alibaba as a holding is not only a commercial enterprise, but also “admist the transformation into a data company”. They want to become an electronic world trade platform. Alibaba Cloud, which is a subsidiary of Alibaba, is the Chinese answer to Amazon Web Service: “Alibaba Cloud wants to become the market leader for cloud computing and big data”, Yeming Wang emphasized.

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10:30 – 10:50 | NETWORKING COFFEE


10:50 | Mobile builds the digital bridge: China-In/China-Out Global Business Opportunities (Ragnar KRUSE, CEO Smaato)

Mobile is eating digital globally, whereas consumers are focusing predominantly on apps: 89% of time consumers spend on their smartphones is in-app. Global brands should take advantage of the cross-border opportunity in China with a dedicated mobile strategy: “In China, the opportunities for advertiser and publisher are tremendous”, Ragnar Kruse explained, mentioning the 36,2 billion US-Dollar expenditures on mobile advertising. He estimates that they will grow fast as they will reach 78,9 billion US-Dollar in 2021. “China represents more than 25 percent of the smartphone users worldwide. Chinese users spend their mobile time especially on mobile apps.”

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11:10 | The bridge between European business and Chinese market (Wen CHEN, Chief of the European Center at NetEase/Kaola)

Wen Chen from NetEase/Kaola, being one of the most important player in the Chinese cross border e-commerce, spoke about the bridge between the European business and the Chinese market. “The demand for European consumer goods tripled – especially for beauty and baby products.”, Wen Chen reported, as she outlined different strategies NetEase/Kaola used to launch popular brands like Aptamil, Brita or Doppelherz fast and synchronously to the global launch in China. “We believe in a massive cross border market growth”, Wen Chen summarized.

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11:30 | From passive medical care to active health - China´s Internet medical exploration (Xiaochun ZHANG, Co-Founder at WeDoctor)

WeDoctor, China’s biggest online healthcare provider, is disrupting the Chinese health sector. The company revolutionizes the doctor’s visit with technology solutions, as it eliminates the waiting queues at health centers by using the smartphone; the medical resources are balanced and organized till the responsible doctor. “This time management saves every patient 1,5 hours of waiting”, Xiaochun Zhang explained.

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11:50 | Transforming the Mobility Industry –the Story of Didi (Chengjun PANG, Vice President Didi Chuxing)

Chengjun Pang described how the Mobility 2.0 is formed, far beyond the taxi services and lifts. The Vice President of Didi Chuxing, China’s biggest ride-sharing company that has acquired Uber China last year stated that “in the past, ride sharing was imbalanced in demand and supply. Today, we are able to precisely forecast the local traffic demand, optimize routes and bring chauffeurs and fellow passengers smartly together. Thus we are able to enhance the capacity and the income of the drivers. The mobility and ride-sharing economy established into an innovation field.”

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Live-Demos of WeChat, Taobao and Didi Chuxing

13:20 – 13:40 | KEYNOTE OLAF SCHOLZ, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

13:40 – 14:00 | KEYNOTE SHUANGCHENG XIE, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou, the E-Commerce Capital of China


14:15 | How to build your own solution - The platform model of OTTO (Marc OPELT, Member of the OTTO Management Board Otto Group)

Marc Opelt, Member of the OTTO Management Board, stated that OTTO builds their own integrated digital platform solution which gives business partners the opportunity to benefit from the massive B2C range of the company. Their platform is a self-reinforcing system that attracts customers and partners.

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14:35 | Innovative 3D printing in the aviation industry (Peter SANDER, Vice President Emerging of Technologies & Concepts at Airbus)

Peter Sander showed the audience the potential of 3D printing for the health sector as well as the aviation and automobile industry. Airbus is working on producing titan replacement equipments “on demand”, simplifying the design of components and ordering motor blocks from 3D printers. “The IT systems behind it deliver solutions and calculate the solidity which are checked by the engineers”, Peter Sander explained, seeing promising cooperation opportunities with Chinese technology companies.”

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15:00 – 15:20 | NETWORKING COFFEE


15:20 | FinTech Pitches

15:20 | The Global New Frontier of Consumer Finance and FinTech (Ming SHU, Co-Partner at Zhejiang Lingfeng Investment)

Zheijiang Lingfeng Investment is currently disrupting consumer finance and fintech. “In China, only a few people are supervised by banks. The other 500 million Chinese are using technology driven fintechs. Their big data, artificial intelligence and blockchains could have a market potential of trillion”, Ming Shu claimed.

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15:30 | Our way from enemy to Supplier and part of the System (André M. BAJORAT, CEO figo GmbH)

André Bajorat pointed out the changes in the finance sector. Started as a banking app Figo realigned and became the first regulated banking service provider in Europe. “Let us build intelligent products for financial institutes and change the banking system”, André Bajorat postulated.

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15:40 | IOT Pitches

15:40 | How to Provide An Ecosystem To Leverage Innovation (Shiqi WANG, Vice President at Tus-Holdings Co. Ltd)

Shiqi Wang pottered during his keynote at ecosystems which unleash innovation potentials in the digital industry – especially in the sectors internet of things, cloud computing data, mobile, virtual reality and IT infrastructure. “We have to build up virtual incubators and accelerators for the internet industry, but also invest in research and technology companies, e.g. in cancer research”, Shiqi Wang claimed.

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15:50 | NXP - Trusted enabler of the connected world (Wolfgang ROSENBAUER, Generalbevollmächtigter NXP Semiconductors)

Wolfgang Rosenbauer addressed the IT security in the industry 4.0/self-organizing factories and for smart grids in the energy management and emphasized the slogan “Made in Germany”. “You get security only by design. To isolate a virus or to do security checks alone are not a reliable protection against hacks. Since the car of tomorrow is based on electronic systems by more than 90 percent, this aspect seems essential”, Wolgang Rosenbauer stated.

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16:00 | E-Commerce Pitches

16:00 | Winning the hearts of Chinese mothers through cross-border e-commerce (Alexander BRAND, Co-CEO at windeln.de)

Founded in 2010, windeln.de is not only active in eleven European markets. It also operates in China, aiming at Chinese middle class families as target group – especially after the milk powder scandal in 2008 which resulted in a higher demand for German high quality products. “By now, a rising birth rate and an aspiring middle class cater for a higher demand for high quality products “Made in Germany” for little children and babies”, Alexander Brand stated. Correspondingly, windeln.de disperses its product palette through its own Chinese website, holds a call center in Vietnam as well as an online shop on Tmall, the online warehouse of Alibaba.

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16:10 | Growing business, killing queues, planting trees - how 520 million users contribute to a cashless society (Sikander HAUSER, Head of E-Commerce Business Development, EMEA at Alipay)

As cashless lifestyle is at the top of the Chinese consumer’s agenda, Alipay envisions itself as “enabler of a cashless lifestyle in and out of China”, Sikander Hauser said. For example: Whoever needs a hotel room in China can book one without prepayment, depending on his or her creditworthiness. You are able to check in yourself, pay and be identified through face detection. This procedure reduces the handling time from two minutes to ten seconds, which enhances the user experience greatly.

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Panelists from dgroup/Accenture, Otto Group, Zhejiang Dahua Systems Engineering, Zhejiang Lingfeng Investment

At the summary panel representatives of the Otto Group, Zhejiang Dahua Systems Engineering, Zhejiang Lingfeng Investment and the host dgroup/Accenture discussed about similarities, complementary skills and collective chances, aiming to improve the consumer’s life with innovative services but also to make data services safe. “We can learn a lot if we look closely at the many, integrated functions of apps like WeChat”, Marc Opelt explained. Ming Shu stated how important the education of talents in the digital economy is, especially in the natural science. Olaf Rotax, Managing Director of dgroup/Accenture mentioned that we must not mistake China as export country for German goods. “It is much more vital to understand the Chinese market and its fast stages of development and to test own opportunities. The main questions are: how does my and my product’s future look like? Was does disruption really mean to me? Those who can answer these questions have enormous opportunities. Together with Chinese partners we can become much more efficient.”, Olaf Rotax predicted.

16:50 – 17:30 | CLOSING SESSION & DRINKS


Join us at Smaato for a Chinese-German Drinks & Dinner Party in the Emporio Tower, providing a breathtaking view over the city of Hamburg.


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